Coronavirus Notice | Mason-Lindhart Funeral Home

Funerals, Visitations and the Coronavirus

Greetings from all of us at the Mason-Lindhart Funeral & Cremation Service.  We are seeing an unprecedented time in history when a virus such as the COVID-19 Coronavirus, now classified as a pandemic, wreaks havoc in how we live our lives and our outpouring of support for one another.  In this time of uncertainty, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has recommended that public gatherings of people not exceed 50.  Yet, this is only a suggestion and we will follow whatever directions families ask of us from private family gatherings to public visitations and services, leaving it up to participants to determine if they should attend.  Should you not feel it is appropriate for you to attend either a visitation or service, families experiencing a loss would more than welcome calls, cards, or online messages, either direct, through social media or a funeral home website.  We all look forward to the day this virus subsides and life as we know it gets back to normal, but felt it might be important in the next weeks to understand how we should respond to attending or having to make funeral plans or arrangements…

Kind Regards,

Bill Jorgensen,  Owner/Funeral Director
Mason-Lindhart Funeral & Cremation Service